A comprehensive study to the assessment of Arrhenius activation energy and binary chemical reaction in swirling flow.

Nanotechnology research has a huge impact upon biomedicine and at the forefront of this area are micro and nano devices that use active/controlled motion. In this connection, it is focus to investigate steady three dimensional rotating flow with heat and mass transfer incorporating gyrotactic microorganisms.

Buongiorno’s nanofluid formulation is followed for thermophoresis and Brownian motion, porous space, Arrhenius activation energy and binary chemical reaction with some other effects. An enhanced analytical method is applied to solve the nondimensional equations.

The non-dimensional parameters effects on the fields of velocity, temperature, nanoparticles concentration and gyrotactic microorganisms concentration are shown graphically. Velocity decreases while temperature and nanoparticles concentration increase with magnetic field strength. Gyrotatic microorganisms motion becomes slow with rotation parameter.

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Due to rotation, the present problem can be applied in microbial fuel cells, food processing, microbiology, biotechnology and environmental sciences, electric power generating and turbine systems, computer disk drives, mass spectromentries and jet motors.